Proactive Dispute Avoidance

3 5 May 2012

Dockside Convention Centre
Sydney - Australia

In the last two decades, Dispute Boards (DBs) have emerged as a highly effective means of avoiding and resolving disputes in major construction and commercial projects as well as improving outcomes in terms of delivery time and out-turn cost.

The 12th DRBF International Conference will focus on the innovation of DBs and the experience and lessons learnt by DB practitioners operating across a number of different cultures and legal systems from around the world.

Hosted for the first time in Sydney and organised by the Australasian Chapter of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, the conference will bring together speakers and delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

An optional one day training program prior to the conference will introduce those interested in becoming involved with DBs (Owners, contract drafters, potential DB panel members) to the mechanics and subtleties of the DB concepts and processes.

An event not to be missed.

We believe Sydney will exceed all expectations for a memorable conference and
we look forward to welcoming you to Sydney in May 2012.